Im A Believer! (in the Instant Pot)

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A good friend of mine recently started cooking with an Instant Pot .  And well, ‘evangelical’ pretty much describes her endorsement because I went out and bought one yesterday. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with this amazing invention, think pressure cooker-crock pot merger.)

OK… her testimony wasn’t the sole deciding factor but it was a biggie. Call me crazy, but in our recent kitchen redux, we canned our microwave (which I plan to address in an upcoming post).  At 3pm, I realized whole chicken I’d planned to roast for dinner was nesting comfortably in the back of my freezer.  Evidently, our micro-defrost habit was being forcefully broken.  My husband merely had to remind me of my friend’s enthusiasm for the Instant Pot and I ran out to get one.

Is it enough to say that we were eating a delicious, tender whole chicken by 5:30pm? The actual cook time was 35 minutes from frozen!

In this ongoing pursuit of mine to make space for beautiful living, this may be a game changer when it comes to meal time.  I grew up with family dinners—and I’ve continued that tradition because it fosters connection.  For at least one meal a day, even now that it’s just my husband and myself, we sit down together at the table to eat.  No TV. No phones.  Just talk time.  We enjoy cooking together and value healthy, balanced, homemade organic meals.

What I’m not passionate about, however, is spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen.

The fact that we could go from frozen to feast in under an hour is pretty impressive. I’m making a Vegan Quinoa Burrito Bowl tonight for dinner—and tomorrow Greek yogurt is on my docket.  And maybe I’ll try the split pea soup later in the week.  I’ll keep you posted, but right now, I’m certainly a believer.

“They broke bread in their home and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” Acts 2:46

If you are interested in ordering an Instant Pot for yourself– click on the picture of it above and it will take you to  I’m an affiliate provider of products I love– and will receive a commission if you purchase through this link!


Here’s the links for recipes:

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