I’m Speaking Dog These Days

Joey (2)

I swore I would never be one of those “dog people.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs. A lot.  I’ve had a dog in my life forever– just never had “a fur baby.”  I’ve never bought an airline ticket for any pet I’ve owned.  I’ve never had a doggy front pack or stroller.  I purchased whatever dog food was on sale and served it up in old Cool Whip containers.  My leashes never matched the collars. And I seriously struggled to hand over my hard-earned cash to a doggy beautician.

Several months ago, not too long after our youngest child moved out of the house, we had to put our two poodley-type dogs to sleep. They’d grown up with our kids, so it was pretty tragic.  As a way to ease the transition, we purchased a toy-sized Australian Shepherd puppy. We named him Joey.

I should have known things were going to get crazy when we spent over $40 on our very first bag of puppy food and nearly twice that in toys and supplies. Because, oh my goodness (!!!), both my husband and I have gone completely bonkers over him.

Rather than explain, I’ve transcribed for you the conversation Joey and I had just this morning:

Joey: Momma, can I come to the airport with you tonight to pick up Nana?

Me (bending over to kiss him on the snout): Oh, my little Joey-Boey, I’m so sorry.  Nana is allergic to puppies.

Joey: Preez momma? (Joey can’t pronounce his r’s very well)  I’ll sit on the fwoor and be weally quiet.

Me (wiping a tear away because he’s just so stinkin’ cute!): Maybe daddy can stay home with you so you won’t be all alone.

Joey (jumping up into my arms… seriously he did! Have you ever seen how high Aussies can jump?): Yes!  Yes!  You’re the best!  Can daddy take me to the dog park to pway?  And maybe to Petco cuz it’s where the pets go?

Me:  Of course my sweet little Joey-Poey-Puddin’-and-Pie!  Who’s momma’s wittle baby?

Joey:  I am!  I am!  I wuv you momma!

True story.  To make it even worse, this whole conversation was not just in my head, it was completely audible! With ME playing both parts.  My husband is just as bad as I am.  And frankly, even I am a little horrified that Joey’s voice sounds exactly the same, no matter which of us is speaking for him.

I guess the danger of becoming one of those ‘dog people’ is past.  I’ve evidently arrived.

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals…”  Proverbs 12:10








1 thought on “I’m Speaking Dog These Days”

  1. Oh I love it. Our little one has different voices. She’s ADORABLE when our son is home speaking for her. And she’s pretty old and angry when Glen speaks for her! You’ve got Joey nailed down exactly though, I can tell!


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