Rule of Thumb

person doing thumbs up
Photo by Donald Tong on

I saw an interesting graphic on Facebook today.  It was the little, blue, thumbs-down Facebook insignia floating behind the words: “Don’t worry about being ignored, worry why you are thinking about it.”

I venture to say that no matter how grown-up we are, if we are on Facebook, we have those friends (even close friends or family members) who respond regularly to everyone’s posts but ours.  And it doesn’t feel good.

Social media has completely altered the way we relate to others—arguably for the worse.  So, because being ignored is just something that happens, it’s highly unlikely that we’d discuss our angst with the offender.  It’s more common to silently entertain our ‘miffed’ feelings and get over it.

Or not.  Sometimes the cut is deeper than we want to admit.

That ‘or not’ is why the above quote is so apropos.  In two short sentences, it restores balance and points that thumb back at ‘me’.

So rather than be angry or wounded that a certain friend never comments or ‘likes’ my posts, I need to figure out why I’m so worried about it.  What part of me needs validation?  Where are those thoughts coming from?  And ultimately, why am I wasting my emotional energy on superficial connection when my real relationships are right in front of me, waiting for investment?

In the quest to live intentionally, social media can be a great tool to keep in touch with people.  Until it isn’t.  We were created to live out loud in the presence of people—not behind the screen of a computer with our thumbs settling someone’s momentary fate.  Here’s a novel idea: Maybe it’s time to pick up the phone… and use our voice and ears more regularly than our thumbs.


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